We are angels. We protect mother earth, spirits and humans. We asked La Vonne Natasha Caesar aka The Light House Vibration aka The Jaguar Phoenix to be friends with one of our angels in human form. She was a lightworker and we admired her. She harmed our angel. She hurt our angel. Our angel almost died in earthly form. She has disgusted us. We forgive her. We love her and all creatures and care for all deeply. She chose the human path and desires fame. We ask her to not use the words lightwork or love anymore. We wish her to remember. This post is a statement and manifest to remember how divinely protected lightworkers are. Please do not anger a deity as one. Please always remember अहिंसा (Ahimsa). Never hurt and always be humble. Help when you can. Heal when you can. Heal yourself first when you cannot help but harm. We are always with you.